ELIZABETH Garden's Tree of Lives

a timeless family tragedy

a girl

An artist. A rock and roller.

A psychic. A relentless optimist.

What can go right?


Weddings. Divorces. Secrets. Personality disorders. Betrayals.

Will the cycle ever end?

a secret

A family man. A WW1 veteran.

An insane asylum. An escape.

What can go wrong?


The riveting story of Ruth, a promising artist and her deeply troubled family’s horrific secrets. It’s also a story of survival and triumph as this determined woman navigates her thorny life path with wit, grit, art and a little luck. Illustrated.









"Life is like a garden. For an abundant harvest, we must water abundantly,

thin carefully, nourish the soil and watch for uninvited pests.”

So says author Elizabeth Garden, 63, who spent her Wonder Years in Connecticut's Fairfield County. Despite struggling as a single mother, she built a successful career as an award-winning art director. She enjoys studying human and spiritual potential.  Tree of Lives is her first book.


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